Chastity is bad (Iinazuke Kyoutei c11)


Me after translating this.

I feel this is now turning into something pretty obscure.



One Ring to… (Iinazuke Kyoutei c10)

This manga will now be renamed to Iinazuke Sentai Fiancénger.

This manga will now be renamed to Iinazuke Sentai Fiancénger.

Once again, sorry for the delay. The next chapter will be out faster, I swear.

The dirtiness has dropped a bit this chapter, but I’m sure there’ll be more of it next time. There’ still enough panties and way too short clothes for you to look at though. Also, glorious bitch fight incoming!

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Sometimes, god has to tell lies (Kamisama… final chapter)

Sorry again for another terrible delay. Tons of things got in my way, but it’s all under control now. I’ll start working on the (not so-) new IInazuke chapter right away. Since I’ll have quite a lot of free time the next weeks, there may be more releases.

Anyway, here comes the final chapter of Kamisama ga uso o tsuku. The tankobon will be released in late September and I guess I’ll actually make a tank release for this one, so stay tuned.

And now get the chapter

EDIT: Oyasumitranslations made a spread for page 20 / 21. Thanks a bunch! I’m a bit too lazy to add it to the release though since I’ll be doing a tankobon release for this series once the tank is out.

End of vacation (Kamisama… c04)

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been quite busy the past weeks. Next chapter should be out next week, next Iinazuke chapter the week after.


Summer’s getting hot (Iinazuke Kyoutei c09)

Tomo has already been quite impulsive.

Tomo has already been quite impulsive.

The change to summer uniforms brings some bigger change in our favorite manga. Guess what.
Unfortunately, there’ll be no chapter next month, as Iinazuke Kyoutei is taking a break once more. New adventures of our favorite financées should be out in early August.


The Secret Garden (Kamisama ga uso o tsuku c03)

Yay Matsumoto Bonbon ♪

Yay Matsumoto Bonbon ♪

Creepiness ensues.

Beach Season Preparations (Iinazuke Kyoutei c8.5)


WTF is this thing I’m scanlating…

Erm yeah, so this month’s Iinazuke Kyoutei is another .5-chapter. Don’t expect too much story, these are obviously more like Omake chapters. Anyway, Tomo and her friends Fubuki and Miyako are going shopping for swimsuits and Tomo’s turns out quite hilarious – or embarrassing, depending on which side you stand on.