Haru-nee is pissed (Galge c04)

See how Harumi’s powerlevel surpasses 9000, enabling her to save her favorite little step-brother Takenori in an all-new chapter of Galge no Sekai yo, Youkoso.

In the end, Takenori also realizes something really important…
(Why the hell did it take him that long, seriously?!)

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Show us some naked ass, Saki (Galge c03)

Here it is, the next chapter of your favorite “Help me, my Dating Sim has just come to life”-series. To assure her health, Takenori decides to take the game’s Saki-route.
But even though he does so, how come Rie still cares?

In other news, Galge no Sekai will end with chapter 13. It’s completed in 2 tankobon volumes and with that apparently covers the first volume of the light novel series.

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Senseiiiiii (Otome Historic c02)

Not liking history can damage your breasts

Here’s the second chapter of our female history nerds with big boobs.
Touko has finished the research she’d been asked for in chapter 1 and presents her solution to the “problem”.
In other news, the beloved Sensei finally appears.

Download the chapter HERE
(Have I already mentioned how surprised I was about the number of downloads for chapter 1?)

School, Panties, DEEP Stories. (Galge c02)

Our main character sure has a certain reputation.

With its second chapter, Galge no Sekai… develops its story somewhat further and Takenori has to open his eyes to the (new) reality, which brings in some deep stuff.

Chapter to be found

I herd u liek History… (Otome Historic c01)

Just how could she even play ping-pong with those?!

OK, so here’s that other project I’ve been talking about.
I was kind of in the mood, so I just made chapter 1 ready.

Otome Historic tells the story of Touko Isshiki, a female high school student (obviously at an all girls’ school) active in the Table Tennis Club lead by her favorite teacher Katakura-sensei. However, said teacher decided to stop managing the Table Tennis Club and instead became advisor for the History Study Group which leaves Touko quite desperate and alone. After losing her last possible tournament, she thus decides to follow her beloved Sensei and join the study group – only to find out that their way to study history is somewhat… special.

This series seems to have a pretty nice amount of big boobs, panty shots and lascivious posing, together with stereotypical o-jou-sama foreign girl, silent girl, and lusting girl.

And now, rise, shine and
>>Enjoy the Chapter<<


So I got raws for Galge chapters 2 to 6 which means I’ll be able to work on it.
In the meantime, I also decided to pick up one other series called Otome Historic. It features large amounts of tits’n’panties, so you might like it.

Galge no Sekai yo, Youkoso – Chapter 1

Ever wished to be the main character of a Dating Sim? Well, obviously you’re not the only one. Takenori has been into stuff like that for ages, his favorite game being one named “Eternal Innocence”. When he receives a strange spam mail that asks him to insert source material for his new world, he just… does it and inserts the Eternal Innocence disc.
After having to answer some questions in a suspicious white space he’s floating around, Takenori awakes and notices the game’s heroines have all come to life…

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