Galge no Sekai yo, Youkoso – Chapter 1

Ever wished to be the main character of a Dating Sim? Well, obviously you’re not the only one. Takenori has been into stuff like that for ages, his favorite game being one named “Eternal Innocence”. When he receives a strange spam mail that asks him to insert source material for his new world, he just… does it and inserts the Eternal Innocence disc.
After having to answer some questions in a suspicious white space he’s floating around, Takenori awakes and notices the game’s heroines have all come to life…

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6 Comments on “Galge no Sekai yo, Youkoso – Chapter 1”

  1. AegisFFXI says:

    thnx for the chapter was great xD

  2. katimusha says:

    thaks for the chapter and good luck with your new group

  3. VawX says:

    haha thanks for the chapter, good luck with your new scanlation team mmm…~!

  4. Geese1 says:

    Sounds good – thanks for the release!

  5. Icsifil says:

    Hey, really enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for scanlating!

  6. zerukz says:

    Hi! Could you reupload it? It seems that the download link wont work. Thank you!

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