Hello world!

…or rather Hello /a/, I guess.
Set up this blog for my scanlation projects. At the moment, I have only one of those, Galge no Sekai yo, Youkoso, and I’m still looking for raws for chapters 2 to 6. In case I can’t find them, I may dump scripts or summaries here for them instead, for I do own the manga volume, but aren’t able to scan the stuff at the moment, due to several reasons.

In other news, I’m still keeping my eyes open for other stuff from some online magazines (since those seem to be quite ignored and it’s easy to get raws) – that means, more projects to come.

EDIT: Since I’ve received raws for chapters 2 to 6 of Galge…, I’ll be able to continue without gaps!


One Comment on “Hello world!”

  1. bigstew00 says:

    i would love if you could pick up vita sexualis, most of the raws after volume 2 are mags, with only 3 chaps left in volume two to do, it’ll be mags after that and this is a great series that hasnt been picked back up.

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