So I got raws for Galge chapters 2 to 6 which means I’ll be able to work on it.
In the meantime, I also decided to pick up one other series called Otome Historic. It features large amounts of tits’n’panties, so you might like it.


5 Comments on “Status”

  1. Spiritovod says:

    Here are chapters 2-6 from the Famitsu site and good luck with the series.

  2. sldr23876 says:

    d) is the most appealing idea to me as a leecher 😛

  3. Anon-san says:

    Don’t overdo it. Last thing I want is seeing you, growing sick of scanlating, saying FUCK THIS SHIT, then dropping everything.

    • anonQ says:

      That’s why I’m currently only planning on taking those two projects. They’re both released monthly I think, so once I’ve catched up, it should be quite easy to continue doing them.

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