I herd u liek History… (Otome Historic c01)

Just how could she even play ping-pong with those?!

OK, so here’s that other project I’ve been talking about.
I was kind of in the mood, so I just made chapter 1 ready.

Otome Historic tells the story of Touko Isshiki, a female high school student (obviously at an all girls’ school) active in the Table Tennis Club lead by her favorite teacher Katakura-sensei. However, said teacher decided to stop managing the Table Tennis Club and instead became advisor for the History Study Group which leaves Touko quite desperate and alone. After losing her last possible tournament, she thus decides to follow her beloved Sensei and join the study group – only to find out that their way to study history is somewhat… special.

This series seems to have a pretty nice amount of big boobs, panty shots and lascivious posing, together with stereotypical o-jou-sama foreign girl, silent girl, and lusting girl.

And now, rise, shine and
>>Enjoy the Chapter<<


2 Comments on “I herd u liek History… (Otome Historic c01)”

  1. ShiroYasha says:

    I’m curious.. What kind of category can this be under? It seems like it’ll be just girls as the cast but then there’s the teacher so I’m confused.. either way thanks

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