Senseiiiiii (Otome Historic c02)

Not liking history can damage your breasts

Here’s the second chapter of our female history nerds with big boobs.
Touko has finished the research she’d been asked for in chapter 1 and presents her solution to the “problem”.
In other news, the beloved Sensei finally appears.

Download the chapter HERE
(Have I already mentioned how surprised I was about the number of downloads for chapter 1?)


6 Comments on “Senseiiiiii (Otome Historic c02)”

  1. Keeskt says:

    thanks for the release

  2. ShiroYasha says:

    I don’t think you should be surprised.. I mean ecchi is one of the tags LOL

  3. Tsurupettan Loev says:

    Who doesn’t love ping pong and crazy school girls. Ecchi tag rarely gets my attention, I’ll read h for that thanks; ecchi seems to be half assed cock teasing most of the time. Yuri tag on the other hand is an instant win for me ;p

  4. Ammy says:

    Thx for the release^^

  5. Spiritovod says:

    Thanks for translating both series. Btw, what font did you use for the main text?

    • anonQ says:

      The main fonts I use are Komika slick in Galge, and Komika Jam in Otome Historic. I stick to that font family for everything except handwritten stuff and signs.

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