Show us some naked ass, Saki (Galge c03)

Here it is, the next chapter of your favorite “Help me, my Dating Sim has just come to life”-series. To assure her health, Takenori decides to take the game’s Saki-route.
But even though he does so, how come Rie still cares?

In other news, Galge no Sekai will end with chapter 13. It’s completed in 2 tankobon volumes and with that apparently covers the first volume of the light novel series.

Get chapter 3


6 Comments on “Show us some naked ass, Saki (Galge c03)”

  1. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. penguin71 says:

    Thanks for this series. When you say it ends at chapter 13, does this mean there isn’t much chance for a sequel? Seeing as how that is only the first volume of the light novel series, do you think they might continue later on with the other light novel volumes?

    • anonQ says:

      I guess chances depend on how good the feedback was people gave via the comic clear page and how the tankobon sell. I guess they took advantage of the fact that many light novels are written in a way that the end of volume 1 could be the end of everything because you never know if it’s successful enough to make sequels.
      Let’s see if there are sequels or spin-offs for this manga to come. I’m keeping my eyes open of course!

  3. i really cant think of anything to put here says:

    Hopefully the manga will arouse enough interest for some bored translator to continue the light novel translations on baka-tsuki.

  4. ShiroYasha says:

    That sure seemed like a short series..


  5. Anonymous says:

    Chapter was removed by MF. Any chance you could reupload it elsewhere?

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