The Drama Evolves (Galge c05)

The girls get impatient...?

More and more drama in our RL-Dating Sim.
Just how do you want to manage satisfying multiple girls at the same time, Takenori? It’s almost impossible…

Sorry for making everybody wait so long, I just realized it’s almost been a month since the last chapter.
In other news, I’m pretty tired of Otome Historic since it’s translator’s hell, at least for me as I’m neither fujoshi nor history-nerd, so the next few releases will be Galge only.

And now dear ladies (very few I suppose) and gentlemen, get the chapter.


Fujoshi Theory (Otome Historic c03)

Touko confirmed for alien being

Our Fujoshi History Club still has to teach Touko many, many lessons on how history works. Oh and more important, that shipping thing.

BTW, I totally underestimated this series. It’s actually hard to translate because of all the historic references. I should have known – it’s about female history nerds, after all…

Chapter availabe