Responsibility (Galge c08)


Long Time no see! I had some private issues in the past days, but now that they’re resolved, I can bring you new chapters of your favorites again.

In this chapter of Galge, we see how Takenori gains more and more courage to help the girl(s) he likes.

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I’ve learned something today (Otome Historic c04)

My face when translating this chapter

After receiving a “reference book” for her ongoing history studies on the toilet, Touko goes out with her normal(?) friends who discover the secrets of said book…

Seriously, why the heck am I still doing this? Thank god it’s only one chapter per month with 15, 16 pages. I’m three months behind though.
Does someone actually like this series btw?!

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All can be good and well? (Galge c07)

What we all think about this goes along the lines of "Awww".

After finishing chapter 6 I decided to work right on chapter 7 and noticed it has only 12 pages… so I just quickly did those and here they are.

Since this chapter features a kind of happy snappy ending we might see more drama coming up afterwards.

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Stop being pathetic, you wuss! (Galge c06)

I do get the feeling we hear that quite often in this series.

It took me a lot longer than I thought to complete yet another chapter of your favorite “This is a galge” – “No, it’s NOT”-Story.
A nasty ear infection had decided to creep its way into my left ear, giving me constant pain and the unability of proper focusing which is why I had to stop the chapter about halfway through for almost two weeks. But rejoice, for I’ve finished it just now.

Chapter 6 marks the end of Galge volume 1 which means that we’re almost halfway through the whole manga.
Thank you for your patience up until now.

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