Things not from this world (Galge c10)


The last heroine of Eternal innocence appears – and she is not very friendly. Moreover, she hunts things that are not from this world. Which in reality means…?

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All the Small Things (Otome Historic c05)

There you have it

This manga is so much deeper than I thought. I’m not talking about history, I’m talking about the hidden gender issues it addresses. Are women allowed to fap? Yes, they are! And they can use as many Masamunes and Yukimuras for it as they want.

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Real Life can be Cruel (Galge c09)

RL just kicked in.

Everything could go so well…

But wait! Sometimes, games just ignore existing rules. Or their users do. And then, it suddenly seems as if everything is going wrong…

Yet a new chapter of Galge. This is kind of the end to one arc of the story, thus the next release will most probably be a chapter of Otome Historic. But I’m really on the Galge-Trip and hope to be able to pop out the remaining four chapters at the speed of light!

EDIT: now with MF-download link!

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