More naked at home (Ekoda-chan c02)

Ekoda-chan gets angry when girls claim not to fap.

Ekoda-chan, the voice of modern Japanese women shows us some more of what’s going on between the genders in her country.

I actually like this manga quite a lot, I think there should be more people around to translate stuff like this.

Next thing I have sitting around waiting here is the next chapter of Iinazuke Kyoutei though, so rejoice.

The ones that are actually here for Ekoda chan:


Oh hey, it’s a Harem! (Iinazuke Kyoutei c01)

This series features incredibly intellectual dialogues.

Now this was the series I actually meant when I said “new project,” and I still can’t believe that really nobody picked this up before me. How is that even possible? Maybe it’s because this first chapter doesn’t really give away that much of the actual story (the 2nd one was in the latest Young Ace, though.) But hey, the art looks great and the artist is actually pretty well-known for his adult works.

Anyway, Iinazuke Kyoutei is one of these series in which a full-blown harem appears out of the blue. That much is certain. All Galge-readers should definitely check this one out. I’ll try to get the 2nd chapter done fast, too.

For now, get the beginning

My scanlation habits just got weird (Ekoda-chan c01)

Just don’t ask…

Erm… ok, actually I had a completely different project in mind when I was talking about new projects, but then on a whimp I discovered there were raws of Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan and they were quite good, too.
Somehow, I started typesetting on them, too and now I’m actually done with that.

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan is a 4-panel that’s been running in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine for quite a while now. It follows the life of a 24-year-old single freeter usually called Ekoda. I have no idea if you’ll like this manga, but I honestly don’t give a fuck, because I do. I’ll occasionally work on it from now on.

Enjoy if you want to and get the chapter

In case you wanna know: I still have other stuff in the pipeline, i.e. the other project I mentioned, which is rather classic harem style stuff.

Love is in the Air ♪ (Otome Historic c06)

Just when I thought there was no weird idiomatic expression in this chapter…

It’s been quite some time since you last got to see our girls from the History Study Group… Let me tell you, they’re still alive and quite well and eccentric as always.
This manga is also as untranslatable as always. Let’s see how long it takes me to recover and fight translate the next chapter…

Download it

And all was well (Galge final chapter)

Woo-hoo, I actually managed to get around doing the final chapter right after chapter 12…

With this, Galge is at its end. These 13 manga chapters basically cover the same contents as the first novel of the novel series (which is still running btw.)

Download the chapter

Thank you all for your patience and for reading this series! In the next weeks, I’ll try to catch up on Otome Historic and might start a new project as well. I’m also trying to get around good quality tankobon scans of Galge to do a re-release with better quality.

Back from the Dead (Galge c12)

Me when I realized how long I hadn’t been doing anything

Erm… yes, I’m still alive!I’ve had several issues in the past months, but now they’re resolved and I can finally do the rest of Galge.

Please have fun with Chapter 12 and download it

PS: Links to missing chapters have been updated. Please tell me if there are more chapters missing.