Love is in the Air ♪ (Otome Historic c06)

Just when I thought there was no weird idiomatic expression in this chapter…

It’s been quite some time since you last got to see our girls from the History Study Group… Let me tell you, they’re still alive and quite well and eccentric as always.
This manga is also as untranslatable as always. Let’s see how long it takes me to recover and fight translate the next chapter…

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3 Comments on “Love is in the Air ♪ (Otome Historic c06)”

  1. MEGAMENE says:

    Thanks For The Chapter!

  2. zazuge says:

    Emua is sure something even his Hentai title are like that
    I loved his Art and his weird storylines, he always manage to surprise me

  3. svines85 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!!

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