My scanlation habits just got weird (Ekoda-chan c01)

Just don’t ask…

Erm… ok, actually I had a completely different project in mind when I was talking about new projects, but then on a whimp I discovered there were raws of Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan and they were quite good, too.
Somehow, I started typesetting on them, too and now I’m actually done with that.

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan is a 4-panel that’s been running in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine for quite a while now. It follows the life of a 24-year-old single freeter usually called Ekoda. I have no idea if you’ll like this manga, but I honestly don’t give a fuck, because I do. I’ll occasionally work on it from now on.

Enjoy if you want to and get the chapter

In case you wanna know: I still have other stuff in the pipeline, i.e. the other project I mentioned, which is rather classic harem style stuff.


One Comment on “My scanlation habits just got weird (Ekoda-chan c01)”

  1. Cliff8Q says:

    Weird, but I like it. Try a few more chapters – its an interesting slice of modern life.

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