Oh hey, it’s a Harem! (Iinazuke Kyoutei c01)

This series features incredibly intellectual dialogues.

Now this was the series I actually meant when I said “new project,” and I still can’t believe that really nobody picked this up before me. How is that even possible? Maybe it’s because this first chapter doesn’t really give away that much of the actual story (the 2nd one was in the latest Young Ace, though.) But hey, the art looks great and the artist is actually pretty well-known for his adult works.

Anyway, Iinazuke Kyoutei is one of these series in which a full-blown harem appears out of the blue. That much is certain. All Galge-readers should definitely check this one out. I’ll try to get the 2nd chapter done fast, too.

For now, get the beginning


17 Comments on “Oh hey, it’s a Harem! (Iinazuke Kyoutei c01)”

  1. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the release – I’ll give it a shot!

  2. TOSHIBA says:

    Thank you very much for the release!!
    This is awesome!!

  3. GaoTV says:

    Thanks for the release

  4. j0ny says:

    Thanks for picking up this manga!

  5. PinkPhantom says:

    Just gotta say, awesome first chapter and keep upp the great work 😀 gj hf

  6. Relai says:

    To be honest, this looked great…until he reacted to the kissing like he had feeling for Tomo. Which I hope doesnt make her the de facto main girl in this series. Harems with a main girl are bland… But it does look really good, otherwise. Thanks for the release. 😀

  7. gai says:

    This day just got better. Thanks!

  8. nuav says:

    3 kisses are you serious !

  9. zazuge says:

    Yay a Kensoh Ohata manga ^^

  10. commensurate says:

    That was… a fantastic first chapter. I’m so keen on reading this series now.

  11. kyubey says:

    thanks 😀

  12. 8uY_YoU says:

    I can’t wait for chapter 2..
    Dam, it’s so hillarious

  13. Dominica says:

    I was wondering where did you get raws for this chapter? I’m from scanlation group doing another series from Young Ace but the raw provider will scan only one more issue, so I’m looking for a new one.

    • anonQ says:

      I got the raws at raw-hunters. They don’t seem to be the same as the other ones, since I had both and the others were bigger in size but had less straight lines and felt harder to level.
      I actually thought about subscribing to Young Ace though.

  14. Anon says:

    Thanks for the release, but just one thing:

    >That speech bubble editing on the color pages

    Tilt your screen a bit and give the edited pages another look: it might have been a better idea to use clone stamp rather than white paintbrush in that situation.

    • anonQ says:

      That might be true, I can take a closer look. I’m not good with color pages and the raws themselves aren’t that great either. I just hope there’ll be color pages in the tankobon release so I can do a better job there.
      Thanks for the advice!

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