It’s Tea Time! (Otome Historic c07)

Well, what did you think this was about?

Really, it’s all about tea in this chapter. It’s about nothing else. Nothing happens. No wild delusions. No Fujoshi-talk… wait, wait, this is still Otome Historic we’re talking about, so of course I’m lying. And not to mention that this manga can turn things that actually aren’t perverted into things that seem perverted.

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Attack of the fighting P***y (Iinazuke Kyoutei c03)

My face after reading this chapter

…I mean Princess.
Erm… yeah… well… here it is, the third chapter of Iinazuke Kyoutei.
I don’t really know what to say except for: Jesus Tapdancing Christ, what the hell is this thing I’m translating?! The last time I felt this weird about reading a manga was when I was reading a certain Shoujo series about bullying in which the bullying just gets worse and worse with every chapter… This is pretty much the same, just with sexual appeal. I guess.

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The next one should be published in the November Young Ace on October 4th.

The Happy Virgins (Iinazuke Kyoutei c02)

What should I say?

You’ve all been waiting, here it is: the second chapter of Iinazuke Kyoutei.
It features big revelations that were to be expected you would have never thought of and so many nice panties you will have to wash your eyes after reading.

I really wonder how this is going to continue – hopefully I’ll be able to get raws for the next chapter in the coming week.

BTW, the series is published monthly and runs in Young Ace, for those who want to know.

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