End of vacation (Kamisama… c04)

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been quite busy the past weeks. Next chapter should be out next week, next Iinazuke chapter the week after.



12 Comments on “End of vacation (Kamisama… c04)”

  1. Lunatic says:

    Thank you!

  2. svines85 says:

    Super awesome, thanks a lot!!

  3. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

  4. Kiwi says:

    Dude I like totally commented on the wrong thing lol Thanks for the chapter!

  5. JoeFab says:

    Wow, high drama in this chapter. I feel really bad for Rio. Natsuru’s behavior was kinda strange. He heard the story, understands their situation. At least he stepped up while at school, but I wonder what will happen next? Does anyone have the sign translation of the building on the last page?

  6. JoeFab says:

    Also, if you take donations, I’d like to compensate you for your hard work. 🙂

  7. ponagie says:

    Thank you for the latest chapter! Just as Joefab said. Please include a donation button so I can thank you properly 🙂

  8. aprode says:

    Can’t wait for next week! Sad to hear that it’s only one more chapter! Great work.

  9. Still waiting, i want to understand the last chapter T________T (because i don’t understand japanese NYUYAYAYAYA)

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