Sometimes, god has to tell lies (Kamisama… final chapter)

Sorry again for another terrible delay. Tons of things got in my way, but it’s all under control now. I’ll start working on the (not so-) new IInazuke chapter right away. Since I’ll have quite a lot of free time the next weeks, there may be more releases.

Anyway, here comes the final chapter of Kamisama ga uso o tsuku. The tankobon will be released in late September and I guess I’ll actually make a tank release for this one, so stay tuned.

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EDIT: Oyasumitranslations made a spread for page 20 / 21. Thanks a bunch! I’m a bit too lazy to add it to the release though since I’ll be doing a tankobon release for this series once the tank is out.


End of vacation (Kamisama… c04)

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been quite busy the past weeks. Next chapter should be out next week, next Iinazuke chapter the week after.


Ghost Stories (Kamisama ga uso o tsuku c02)

He deserves it.

He deserves it.

Oh god I hate that coach. He should just get some more soccer balls into his dumb face. Thank god he’s not too important in this chapter…

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Summer, Cats, Tall Girls (Kamisama ga uso o tsuku c01)

Being a light novel writer is suffering.

Being a light novel writer is suffering.

It’s the summer when Natsuru is 11. Ever since he’s turned one of them down on Valentine’s Day, the girls of his class have been constantly ignoring him. This changes just before summer break, when Suzumura, the tallest girl in the year, suddenly talks to him. Later, Natsuru meets Suzumura again outside school and finds out she has a secret…


I found this one by chance while looking for the latest Iinazuke Kyoutei chapter and it seemed interesting. It’s not ecchi, so it might not cater to your usual interests, but just read it or not.
It’s supposed to be a short series, so I guess that means 5 or 6 chapters.

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Apparently, the last Iinazuke Kyoutei chapter was a violation of service for MF and they took it down. I’ve switched to anonfiles+mirrorcreator for now, but I’ll see where else I can put my stuff.
Next release should be the next chapter of Otome Historic. And there’s some Ekoda-chan in the pipe as well.